Design Principles of Smart Bus Station Shelter
Release date : 17 Mar 2023

In recent years, the transportation infrastructure network has become increasingly perfect, new technologies and new forms of business have flourished, and the quality of transportation infrastructure services represented by bus stop shelters has continued to improve, providing strategic support for the national economy. So how are bus stop shelters designed and what principles should be followed?

First of all, the design of bus shelters should incorporate the different urban characteristics of each city, extracting corresponding representative language symbols from the perspective of the city's history and culture, public awareness, customs, and customs, and embedding them into the design of the bus shelters, thereby shaping a different urban culture.


Secondly, the design of bus shelters should keep pace with the times and incorporate more intelligent elements, such as the application of intelligent shelters. In this era of rapid operation, public transportation also requires high efficiency, and the application of intelligent bus shelters can significantly improve the operational efficiency of buses and improve the comfort of public transportation. 

The design of intelligent bus station shelters needs to follow the above principles, with modern intelligent equipment functions while maintaining urban characteristics.