Advantages of solar bus shelters and price influence factors
Release date : 15 Apr 2021

In the process of designing solar shelters, they must be put into use in the public transportation system. In such a link, installation characteristics are required, and installation must be convenient. The design must be based on this concept. Relatively speaking, It is basically very heavy during installation, and it is always very heavy when installing.

It has strong independence and wide adaptability. It converts solar energy into electric energy for power supply and forms its own power supply system. Therefore, it is widely used in solar shelters and can also be applied to public places such as stations, parks, and squares.

The light is uniform and soft, and the advertising effect is improved. The LED light guide is used to emit light. It has the characteristics of low heat consumption, low power, high luminous efficiency, and uniform brightness. Therefore, the solar shelter light box has uniform lighting, strong color expression, and soft and bright light. , Will not cause shadows.

In the process of putting it into use, its load-bearing capacity must be considered. It must carry the ceiling, light box and other components. Therefore, the weight of these simple equipment must be taken into consideration. This is very important. In the process of loading, there are many factors that affect the load-bearing capacity of solar shelters, such as the material of some columns. Under the same circumstances, the material of the column is naturally selected as the better, and its load-bearing effect is relatively speaking. The better, and the thickness of the entire column must be selected. The thicker column under the same material of the bus shelter has a stronger bearing capacity.

The basic quotation structure of solar bus shelters is also based on the product size and the materials used, but these three conditions are not important. A mature bus shelter manufacturer is specialized in production and has a set of industry standards. Therefore, the price of the product The difference is not big and it is very valuable.

The main factor affecting the price of solar shelters is its functions. The more functions, the more complex, the more the manufacturer, the more time-consuming, and the greater the labor intensity. For example, if a customer needs a simple smart booth, in addition to traditional production , Manufacturers only need to add a few smart accessories, such as LCD screens, solar panels, etc.