What are the factors affecting the service life of bus shelters?
Release date : 10 Jan 2023

Our customers are not only concerned about the price, style, and function of bus shelters, but also about the service life of bus stops. The service life is not only related to the product quality and technology but also related to the material and later maintenance. The manufacturer of the bus shelter will elaborate on these aspects:

1、 Material

The main material of the bus shelter is a wide variety of steel accessories. The main material is divided into galvanized and stainless steel. The stainless steel material is characterized by high stability, safety, and durability, which can effectively improve the service life of the product. However, in terms of the overall design style and shape design of the bus stop, this material is inferior to the galvanized sheet material in highlighting the artistic characteristics and personality characteristics of the bus shelter. The material of the galvanized sheet is a layer of zinc on the surface of a thick steel plate, and hot galvanizing is an economical and effective anti-corrosion method that is often used, which is beneficial to production and processing, high-cost performance, good process performance, and other characteristics.


2、 Process

The difference in materials is one of the reasons that affect the service life of the bus platform. At the production and manufacturing level, the welding process is another key link. Electric welding can also be called fusion welding and fusion welding. It is a kind of manufacturing process that closely connects metal materials by heating, high temperature, or ultra-high pressure. The welding process is the basis for the production and manufacturing of bus stops. All the production and manufacturing processes should be strictly standardized, and another small welding point should not be ignored! The surface treatment processing process of the shelter has various links, such as electrostatic spraying, electric welding, etc. During the storage, production, processing, logistics and transportation, and other operations of the parts of the product, the surface layer will contain rusty iron, air oxide skin, weld beading, ash, sand, oil, and other wastes. If the coating layer is tightly adhered to the surface of the shelter, the surface treatment of the product workpiece should be strengthened before painting, Otherwise, it will affect the corrosion resistance of the product in the middle and later stages, so it will further affect the service life of the bus shelter.

3、 Maintenance

Bus shelters also need regular maintenance and cleaning. Only when small problems are solved will there be no big problems, to prevent them and prolong the service life of the bus shelter.

The service life of bus shelters has the following factors. To better extend its service life, we need to pay attention to the selection of materials and put forward higher technological requirements when purchasing the shelter. In addition, we need to have regular and continuous maintenance work during the operation process.