The significance of smart bus shelters for urban construction
Release date : 09 Jan 2023

The smart bus shelter is equipped with a passenger flow statistics camera, which can upload the regional passenger flow information to the background in real time, helping to improve overall work efficiency.

With the continuous development of the urban process, as the supporting facilities of urban public transport, Suqian Huajun Advertising Equipment Co., Ltd. has launched a series of intelligent bus shelters! What are the main components of the intelligent bus shelter?

1. 55 inch/65 inch LCD screen, resolution 1920 * 1080, outdoor highlight 1500CCD, bus shelter, LG original panel full view.

2. 12/24V power supply for platform host; 4G wireless communication, with network port and WIFI; LED display of up to 14 lines can be controlled through RS485 interface; It can detect platform buttons, and can optionally be equipped with infrared sensors.

3. LCD control host 200W built-in power supply, Android video advertising broadcast system, real-time advertising bus information display; With 4G wireless communication, platform APK display.


Main functions and advantages of intelligent bus shelter:

(1) Rich and colorful display effects and forms, full screen, multi-function, and the UI interface can be set at will.

(2) The route can be changed, and bus stops, program lists, and multimedia files can be remotely modified and uploaded; It can flexibly meet various complex needs of users.

The construction of urban bus shelters is mainly to deal with the relationship between public space, the urban environment, and people's travel. The construction of the bus shelter is of great help to the improvement of urban environmental quality. It is very humanized and plays an important role in the construction of modern urban civilization.

Intelligentization is the bus shelter. Usually, the canopy of the bus station is equipped with a passenger flow statistics camera, which can not only upload the passenger flow information in the area to the background in real time but also help managers improve their work efficiency.

At present, the construction of the bus shelter closely follows the tide of social development and provides passengers with a comfortable waiting experience. Silicone-integrated decorative light strip, P10 LED display screen, LED bright side light source, high-quality anti-corrosion plastic wood stool, and silicone integrated LED decorative light strip create smart bus stop signs.

The smart bus shelter not only provides a safe and comfortable waiting environment with sun and rain protection but also prompts passengers to enter the station, mobile phone charging, and real-time display of bus operation information to make the city warmer.