Introduction to the Structure of Modern Bus Shelter
Release date : 30 Nov 2022

The modern bus shelter has a variety of styles. No matter how its appearance or practical function changes, the modern bus shelter has achieved outstanding results. However, its basic structure is fixed, mainly including the following modules.

1. The column supporting the component. The column is the "top beam-column" of the bus shelter, and the components of the entire shelter depend on the column. Therefore, the manufacturer must consider the consolidation function when selecting materials. The stability of the column and the ground touch also needs to be considered. High-strength welding of the connecting plate is required to ensure 100% consolidation. Otherwise, in extreme weather or when there are a lot of people, the tilt of the column may cause risks.


2. A roof to keep out the wind and rain. The ceiling is an essential part of the bus shelter. The length of the ceiling shall be determined according to the actual situation of the road and the shape of the display board of the shelter. If the location of the shelter device is very close to the road, it is recommended that the ceiling should not be too long, or it may cause certain inconveniences and risks to the vehicle. In addition, the quality of the ceiling should be excellent. Because it is exposed to wind and rain all year round, it is simply damaged by weathering.

3. Primary box plate. The box of modern bus shelters is generally large, which facilitates the installation of advertising screens and the construction of lighting systems. There is a transparent glass outside the box. Pay attention to the tight welding, and the rectangular glass should be closely embedded in the frame to avoid the instability caused by gaps.

Do you know the structure of the modern bus shelter? The large structure is mainly divided into three parts: column, ceiling, and box. There are also some details, such as the top lighting system, as well as the station sign with the riding information.