Bus shelter manufacturer: Construction process of bus stops
Release date : 01 Dec 2022

As a professional bus station manufacturer, YEROO not only provides customers with high-quality products but also pays attention to high-quality after-sales service, taking meeting customers' needs the standard of success. Let's introduce the relevant knowledge in the installation process of the waiting booth in the after-sales service:

1、 Select the location where the bus stop needs to be installed

When selecting the location of the shelter, the blind lane shall not be occupied, and the distance between the two bus stops shall not be too close.

2、 Level the surface of the original pavement

If the original pavement is marble or floor tile, it needs to be removed one by one. If the original pavement is cement pavement, the cement pavement layer within the area of the shelter needs to be removed to expose the original soil ground.


3、 Excavate the corresponding foundation pit according to the scale of the shelter

According to the dimensions of the bus shelter, a pit with a depth of about one meter shall be excavated, poured into a square column with reinforced concrete, and exposed bolts to facilitate the fixation of the base of the shelter. Thread the power cord of the waiting booth with a high-quality plastic pipe.

4、 Fix the base of the shelter with the bolt on the square column

When fixing, be sure to tighten it to make it firm. Install the plastic pipe.

5、 Pave the original floor tiles or marble surface.

6、 Remove the garbage generated by the construction plant.

There are the above points in the installation process of bus stops. If there is something unclear, we will also arrange for professional engineers to guide the installation on-site in the project, and work with customers to better and more effectively complete the entire project.