What elements should be considered in the design of a smart bus shelter?
Release date : 29 Nov 2022

With the development of society, the level of urban traffic is also increasing, and people's aesthetic requirements for external things are also getting higher and higher. Intelligent things make people feel more comfortable. Bus shelters are no exception. In recent years, intelligent bus shelters are also highly respected. So, what elements are included in the design of smart bus shelters?

1. Location selection of smart bus shelter

The bus stops should not be set within the scope of grade crossings, and the planning principle should consider the initial and terminal stations and intermediate stations. It is better to choose a location close to the passenger flow distribution point and set it on the side of the main direction of the road passenger flow as far as possible. In addition, it is also suitable to be set in places with large passenger flow and relatively concentrated populations.

2. Material selection of smart bus shelter

At present, according to the design and production experience of Chuangmei, most customers choose stainless steel materials. This is mainly because in addition to some well-known advantages, the bus stops made of stainless steel also have the characteristics of low cost and long service life.


3. Design dimensions of the intelligent bus shelter

Generally speaking, bus stops can be customized, and the size of the large lightbox of regular bus stops is:

3600 * 1700 * 250mm, the size of the small light box is 1150 * 1700 * 250mm, which is composed of a light box and support column. The box part adopts 1.50mm. The bus station box designed by Hongxinjiahe will be rust-proof as a whole. The overall structure is firm, with high seismic and wind resistance coefficient and corrosion resistance. The main column of the waiting booth is firmly welded, which can strengthen the safety coefficient of the overall seismic and wind resistance of the bus station. It is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and has enough strength to protect the waiting staff.

4. Design principles of the smart bus shelter

When designing, we should not only take full account of the effect of shading from the sun and rain but also consider the role of decorating the city. The design of the intelligent bus shelter should follow the local urban cultural characteristics "when in Rome, do as the Romans do". Try to combine the local cultural characteristics and modern atmosphere as much as possible, so that the bus shelter can become a culture of the city, and also an image bearing the city culture.

The above elements shall be taken into account in the design of smart bus shelters.