Bus shelter manufacturers: Factors affecting the price of bus stops
Release date : 26 Sep 2022

Bus shelters, also known as bus shelters, are of great help to the beauty of the city and the convenience of passersby waiting for the bus. In addition to being fully functional, it is also very useful for bus drivers. Conspicuous sign. How much such a bus shelter is a question you are very concerned about. This article will share this question with you.

How much is a bus shelter? What are the factors that affect the price?

1. Appearance style

Prices for bus shelters are affected by several conditions. First, the appearance condition is one point. After determining the style of the bus shelter, the appearance of the bus shelter is divided into versatile and simple styles. The prices of the styles are also different. Generally speaking, the more beautiful the shelter, the higher the price.


2. The lighting system parameters

In many bus shelters, the lighting system can be a big investment point, because the usual lighting system may only adopt a simple power supply design, and the use of energy is not advanced. A good bus shelter will use the overall LED lighting, as well as short circuit protectors and time controllers, and the safety performance indicators are also high. The prices of the two are also quite different.

3. Advertising space design

Bus shelters also have a lot of investment in advertising space. Ordinary advertising space is just a flyer, which is difficult to attract the attention of passers-by and easily damaged. Ordinary bus shelters use 8mm tempered glass to advertise and provide lighting at the same time, and the price will be correspondingly higher.

How much is the bus shelter? We want to talk about such a problem: different shelters, different prices. Usually, the price of bus shelters is around $7000. When we make bus shelters, we must follow our own needs and not blindly make them. In general, prices are affected by a variety of factors.