Bus station manufacturers: The development and transformation of bus shelters
Release date : 27 Sep 2022

The development of bus shelters has undergone two relatively large changes. The first time was from a simple shelter with simple functions and simple structure to a multi-functional shelter with convenient services and various functions. The second time was from a multi-functional shelter. To combine the Internet and new media, smart bus shelters are the most common bus shelters on the market. The second development can be said to be a leap from quantity to quality of bus shelters. It caters to the construction of smart cities.

1. Humanization: People-oriented No matter when, no matter what industry or industry it is in, it will never be outdated. Any product that is humanized serves people, meets people's needs, and provides convenience to people will always be used by people. , will not be eliminated by the times.

2. Personalization: Nowadays, people's requirements for commodities are not only to simply meet their needs, but also to pay more attention to their appearance, style, functional characteristics, etc., so in the future, bus shelters want to develop for a long time. To follow the trend of the times, develop more interesting new functions.

bus shelter

3. Intelligence: With the development of the economy and the advent of 5G, intelligence has become the hottest topic at the moment. All walks of life are developing in the direction of intelligence. This is not only an industry trend but also a future development trend, so To survive for a long time, it is inevitable to become more intelligent and artificial.

4. Security: The bus station has a huge flow of people, and the daily flow of people is relatively dense, so safety issues must be taken into account, such as passenger flow statistics, people flow detection, face recognition, video surveillance technology, and our intelligent one-key alarm system. To improve the update, as much as possible to avoid the occurrence of security incidents.

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