The function of the smart bus shelter
Release date : 27 Jun 2022

Smart bus shelters can improve a lot of our life experiences and bring more convenience when traveling. Then let's talk about the benefits of a new generation of smart bus shelters.

Because many traditional bus stops have no canopy, or the area of the canopy is small, it cannot block the wind and rain, which leads to many people getting wet from the rain when waiting for the bus, which brings very bad to people. travel experience. Therefore, the smart bus shelter is designed to maximize the control of rainwater from entering the waiting area, and at the same time, during the process of getting on and off the bus, it can also effectively avoid the phenomenon of rain. Passengers will not get wet from the rain, which gives a good experience to the waiting person. At the same time, the smart bus shelter can forecast the weather conditions in advance, remind people on the road, and bring more convenience to the trip.

smart bus shelter

In addition, the smart bus shelter has a safety monitoring and alarm system. Since many bus shelters are located in relatively remote places, to protect the safety of children and women, there are monitoring on the smart bus shelters, which can protect women or children and other vulnerable groups in real-time. In addition, the smart bus shelter also has an alarm system. When encountering a crisis, you can choose to call the police to ensure the safety of life and property of the people waiting for the bus and reduce the occurrence of danger. These are not available in traditional bus shelters.

The smart bus shelter has the above points of benefiting the people, as well as the functions of safety protection. It has certain significance for the construction of civilized cities and smart cities. I believe it will be the development direction of urban public transportation.