Bus shelter manufacturers: price components of bus stops
Release date : 28 Jun 2022

In economics, product value composition is the basis of price composition, and price composition is the monetary expression of value composition. Influenced by factors such as the production time cost, packaging cost, and transportation and circulation cost of commodities, the prices of products on the market currently increase many additional costs. Therefore, when quoting a bus shelter, the quoted price is basically the unified price in the market, because the factors that affect the price of the bus shelter are the same. The manufacturer of the bus shelter has the following price components in the quotation of the bus shelter:

1. The production cost of the bus shelter

In the process of urban construction, most people will pay attention to the construction of urban spiritual civilization and urban style. Therefore, many bus shelters will be designed and rectified based on the city's own historical culture and spiritual civilization image, so the production cost is slowly rising. In addition, the choice of different materials, and the production cost will be different. The most critical factor for the cost of bus shelters is the choice of materials. Stainless steel is a common production material, but to use the bus shelters for a longer period, there are also many examples of using composite materials.

smart bus shelter

2. The labor cost of bus shelter production

Labor cost is an important part of the entire manufacturing industry. The production process of bus shelters is complex and requires extremely high details. It cannot be completed on the assembly line. In terms of quotation, it will increase the labor cost.

3. The transportation cost of the shelter

There are many manufacturers of bus shelters, and many businesses will choose local manufacturers to save transportation costs. However, the most important thing for a good bus shelter is to have a good production process and installation technical support. If the technology is not up to the standard in these aspects, how much meaning does it make to save costs?

Of course, the factors that affect the price of bus shelters are not only the above aspects, but also include personalized design and production according to customer requirements, post-maintenance and other links, which are part of the impact on the price of bus shelters.