Bus shelter manufacturers: how do design bus stop to attract the attention of the public?
Release date : 30 May 2022

With the continuous advancement of urban development, the scale of cities is getting larger and larger, and people's travel methods are becoming more and more abundant. But in the urban public transportation system, the bus is still an indispensable part of urban transportation. Therefore, for bus shelter manufacturers, the design requirements for supporting bus shelter features are becoming more and more detailed.

When making bus shelters, bus shelter manufacturers have a set of commonly used dimensions: the width is between 1.5-2 meters; the height is between 2.6-3 meters; the length is mainly determined by the specific number of lightboxes. Of course, these dimensions can also be customized according to the special requirements of customers, but it is best to consider the transportation of products including ultra-high and ultra-wide, transportation costs, and so on when customizing.

bus shelter factory

After determining the size, let's talk about the visual design of the bus shelter. How do bus shelter manufacturers make the shelters attract more public attention? This is inseparable from outdoor advertising light boxes. The advertising lightbox of the bus shelter can display the advertising content to everyone indiscriminately, and the key points are prominent, and it does not take a long time for citizens to receive the key points of the advertising content. In addition, bus shelters can also display more direct media and information to citizens through supporting audio-visual media.

At night, the bus shelter advertising lightbox can also provide lighting for the box and urban roads through LED lighting. The bus shelter manufacturer makes the shelter more intelligent and more suitable for the public, and at the same time makes the shelter an important information media platform and an indispensable landscape for the city. Bus shelter manufacturers are making the shelters more and more diverse and intelligent.

The design of bus shelters needs to combine the above requirements to better meet the needs of citizens and better attract citizens and passengers.