Smart bus shelter bus stop basic functions
Release date : 31 May 2022

The smart bus shelter is to use the most advanced GPS/Beidou positioning technology, 3G/4G communication technology, GIS geographic information system technology, and combine the operation characteristics of public vehicles to build a public transportation intelligent dispatching system, plan and dispatch routes and vehicles, and realize intelligent Arrange shifts, improve the utilization rate of bus vehicles, and at the same time realize the monitoring and management of the bus, the station, and the station through the construction of a complete video monitoring system.

Intelligent public transportation is an inevitable model for the development of public transportation in the future, and it is of great significance to alleviate the increasingly serious traffic congestion problem. Most first-tier cities have realized the intelligentization of public transportation. Below, YEROO will introduce the features of the smart bus shelter.

1. Intelligent arrival reminder function

The intelligent bus shelter displays real-time and accurate vehicle progress information on the big screen of the stop sign, allowing passengers to keep abreast of vehicle dynamics. In this way, it is more intuitive, simple, and accurate than using the mobile phone APP, so that the process of waiting for the bus is no longer aimless, and the passengers become more patient and always maintain a good mood.

2. Voice broadcast function

To prevent passengers from passing through the station, a voice announcement function is set inside the bus, which will give a voice prompt when the vehicle enters the station. Similarly, when the vehicle is about to enter the station, the intelligent electronic stop sign will broadcast the information of the entering vehicle by voice, reminding passengers to pay attention, effectively preventing passengers from missing the vehicle due to negligence and affecting travel.

smart bus shelter

3. Remote station monitoring function

A high-definition camera can be integrated into the intelligent bus shelter, which can timely feedback on the number of cars waiting on the platform and the relevant status to the intelligent command center so that the relevant departments can more accurately grasp the flow of people and traffic on the platform, and become a data reference for public transportation planning. Better improve the public transportation system network, so that the frequency of each station, the daily flow of people, and the flow of people during the period can meet the actual needs. Not only that, but the monitoring function can also monitor the surrounding conditions of the platform, which is of great significance to maintaining the safety of the station, obtaining evidence of surrounding accidents, and quickly reporting equipment for repairs.

4. Mobile phone convenient charging function

The advent of smartphones has changed people's work and lifestyle, such as communication, but the powerful smart core also faces the disadvantage of huge power consumption. The power is easily exhausted, and it is difficult to find a power source for charging when going out. The intelligent bus shelter integrates the function of a mobile phone gas station, which greatly meets the mobile phone charging requirements of the majority of waiting passengers.

With the continuous progress and development of the economy and society, smart bus shelters will integrate more convenient attributes and functions. In the future, waiting for passengers can even browse news, shop online, make Internet calls, etc.

The above is an introduction to the functions and features of the smart bus shelter. I hope it can help friends in need. If you want to know more about the bus shelter, please continue to pay attention to our website. We will update it regularly. products, and can also customize the style of smart bus shelters.