Bus shelter manufacturer: production and processing of bus stops and introduction to advertising ben
Release date : 17 Jan 2022

The bus shelter is one of the basic public facilities in the city. With the deepening of rural infrastructure, bus shelters are also widely used on rural roads. The basic function of bus shelters in the city is to provide passengers with shelter from wind and rain and an area to rest while waiting for the bus. From the perspective of the manufacturer of bus shelters, the production materials and craftsmanship of bus shelters are similar to outdoor publicity columns, and we will not introduce the functions, production materials and craftsmanship one by one.

Everyone knows that one of the main components of urban bus shelters is the light box. Although the function of the light box is not the main function of the bus shelter, its powerful information publishing function should not be underestimated. In some urban management, the use of light boxes to publish business The income brought by the information can even meet the production cost of the bus shelter, so what are the characteristics of the information release of the light box of the bus shelter? We will introduce it in detail below. Features of bus shelter light box:

1. The information release effect of the light box of the bus shelter is good. Bus shelters are generally located on the main roads of the city. On the main traffic roads, the population is dense and the information dissemination effect is good. The information transmission of bus shelters is basically not limited by time and space. As long as there are buses running, a large number of potential customers will receive the information released by the bus shelters. Therefore, it is a very good way to use bus shelters to release commercial advertisements and public welfare promotions.

2. The bus shelter light box information has a good close-up visual effect, and the information screen is more accurate. Compared with other city signs, bus shelter advertising has the characteristics of ultra-close distance. The bus shelter is a relatively closed area. When people are waiting for the bus, they are confined to this small area. At this time, they will naturally take the initiative to observe relevant information around them to spend the boring time waiting for the bus. At this time, the bus shelter advertisements with beautiful printing and vivid content are the best choice for passengers. Billboards in close proximity can not only bring visual impact, but also leave a lasting impact on passengers.

bus shelter

3. The production cost of light box advertisements in bus shelters is low. Traditional billboards are complicated to make and install. Most outdoor billboards need to make embedded parts, so the cost is high. The use of the idle layout of the bus shelter as the layout of the billboard saves the steel structure and installation cost of the billboard bracket. Therefore, the cost of advertising in bus shelters is low, and the content can be changed at any time, which fully conforms to the characteristics of low investment and high income in the production of modern billboards.

4. The content of the light box screen of the bus shelter is easy to replace. Bus shelter advertisements are generally detachable, and changing the advertisement content only requires changing the content layout. Most of the outdoor billboards are integrated with the screen and the bracket, and it is very complicated to replace the screen, while the advertisement release of the bus shelter can be more different from the customer needs, the text pattern can be changed regularly, and the advertisement release can be flexible.

5. The maintenance cost is low. The bus shelter is a public facility, and the specific maintenance is borne by the financial expenditure. Advertisers do not need additional maintenance costs in the later period, which avoids the problem that outdoor billboards need regular maintenance by professionals. In general outdoor billboards, the maintenance costs are not low. Using public facilities to publish advertisements has more credibility than simple advertisements, which can greatly enhance the appeal of advertisements and have more affinity.

The advertising benefits of bus shelters have the above advantages, combined with urban construction facilities, to form efficient income results. YEROO is a bus shelter factory with 22 years of industry experience, with one-stop project service capabilities for design, production and installation. If you have any project procurement consultation, welcome to consult and understand, we will customize an exclusive project plan for you.