Bus shelter foundation construction and general construction procedures
Release date : 19 Jan 2022

Nowadays, the use of bus shelters is actually indispensable in society. After people's lives have a bus shelter, it brings great convenience to travel, whether it is windy, rainy or some other times. The use of the Houche Pavilion is very important, and it can provide people with a space to rest. So what aspects should we know about the construction of the Houche Pavilion?

1. The overall construction arrangement of the bus shelter

When the bus shelter is under construction and construction, the system should be arranged first. What should be done first and then should be planned, and the construction site should also maintain the level of the site and the leveling of the site. It needs to be done some time in advance. There are many uneven positions in some places, so it needs to be sorted out. Then, the temporary construction of the construction site is carried out first, and then the earthwork is used to start excavation. Wait until these two points are satisfied. After the completion of the construction, the construction of the infrastructure should be started. After the foundation is completed, the backfill should be started. Finally, after the construction of the frame structure, it is probably completed, but the commissioning and installation and the final cleaning of the site are still required.

bus shelter

2. The foundation construction of the bus shelter

There are many procedures to be done when carrying out foundation construction. The first is about the project of earthwork excavation. After excavation, manual cleaning and leveling are required at the construction site. After the infrastructure is completed, the site must be Measurements and lines of defense, as well as the work of tamping plain soil, and some embedded parts should be done in advance, then the work on foundation watering, and finally on the maintenance of the waiting pavilion and the backfilling of the construction site.

3. Construction of the main body of the Houche Pavilion

In addition to some of the steps mentioned above, after the basic construction is completed, it is about the construction and operation of the main structure. After the construction drawings are in hand, the drawings can be reproduced, parts can be split, and parts can be set out. For work, sometimes some parts need additional processing and customization. In addition to these, anti-corrosion paint is also used for operation, and the on-site installation must not be sloppy.

Regarding the construction of the bus shelter, it is actually very easy to complete the construction. The main thing is to do the basic construction first. After all, this is also an important step in the basic work. It is necessary to strictly abide by the rules and regulations, and the construction site should also have construction management personnel to supervise the work all day, and the processes involved must be completed in strict accordance with each step.