The manufacturing process of the modern bus shelter
Release date : 13 Mar 2023

The production process of the bus shelter can be divided into the following steps. Let's take a look at the bus shelter manufacturer!

1、 Design Drawing

When designing the stainless steel bus shelter, it is necessary to first determine its size, shape, style, and other factors, taking into account the use scenario and actual environmental conditions. In addition, it is also necessary to fully consider and design materials, structures, devices, details, etc. The goal of the design scheme is to meet the needs of customers and also meet the requirements of advanced environmental protection, beauty and fashionable, comfortable, and convenience.

2、 Material procurement

After determining the design scheme, it is necessary to purchase the required stainless steel materials, including stainless steel plate, steel pipe, stainless steel angle iron, etc. These materials need to be accurately cut and processed according to the design dimensions and requirements.

3、 Processing and manufacturing

In the process of processing and manufacturing, first of all, the stainless steel plate needs to be processed by cutting, punching, bending, and other processes, as well as surface treatment processes such as bending, leveling, pickling, and so on. Then bend the stainless steel plate into the required shape according to the design plan, and splice it into a complete stainless steel bus shelter component.


4、 Welding assembly

Welding assembly is required in the manufacturing process. This link requires accurate positioning and alignment to ensure the size, flatness, and accuracy of component processing. At the same time, it is also necessary to strictly control the welding techniques to ensure the quality and strength of the finished products.

5、 Spray treatment

Spraying and surface treatment are required for finished products. Surface treatment can increase the durability and weathering resistance of stainless steel bus shelters. Spraying can also increase the visual effect and beauty of the stainless steel bus shelter, thus improving its competitiveness in the market.

6、 Installation and commissioning

After fabrication, it is necessary to carry out systematic inspection, commissioning, and testing to check whether its performance meets the requirements. Finally, it will be installed at the designated bus station and debugged to ensure its normal use on the premise of ensuring safety and reliability.

The above is the basic process for the production of bus shelters. Each step needs precise processing to ensure the quality and beauty of the finished products.