Smart bus shelters improve urban quality and the urban environment
Release date : 09 Aug 2022

The construction of bus shelters is an important livelihood project, which is of great significance to facilitating residents' travel and improving the satisfaction of bus services. At present, all parts of the country are investing in the construction of bus shelters, especially when the function of intelligent bus shelters brings new surprises to citizens taking buses.

The intelligent bus shelters are fully functional. Some intelligent bus shelters have achieved free WIFI coverage. LCDs are installed to lock the positioning of the bus route in time, and accurately display and broadcast the bus arrival information; high-definition infrared cameras are installed on the stop signs, which can be monitored in real-time. And record the passenger flow information of the platform, take pictures and send them back to the background to realize monitoring video storage; the latest emergency alarm function appears, citizens can communicate with the management center to achieve audio and video linkage synchronization alarm dialogue when encountering an emergency while waiting for the bus.

bus shelter

The smart bus shelter can also query the route and predict how far the vehicle will arrive. Experienced people will roughly calculate the time every time they go out so that they can "just" catch up. And inexperienced people can only stretch their heads on the platform to see the invisible bus in the cold wind. At present, most cities have opened the linkage of smart bus shelters with mobile APPs. People who are unfamiliar with urban traffic can use this function and no longer need to wait for a long time in the hot sun or severe cold.

The use of intelligent bus shelters not only facilitates the travel of citizens, but also facilitates the timely monitoring and statistics of passenger flow by the traffic control department to strengthen the rational scheduling of buses, and also facilitates the public security and urban management departments to monitor and manage urban public security. Intelligent bus shelters drive urban construction with scientific and technological wisdom, improve urban quality, and enhance the urban cultural environment.