Smart bus shelters facilitate people's daily travel
Release date : 02 Jun 2022

The smart bus shelter adopts advanced IoT positioning technology, which can predict the dynamics of bus vehicles in advance, and display bus route information, vehicle dynamic information, vehicle comfort, and other information in front of you in all aspects.

Compared with the traditional bus shelter, the new bus shelter has more comprehensive functions. Has the following characteristics:

1. Accurately forecast the arrival information of vehicles, and tell you how many stops, how far, and how long;

2. Predict the running dynamics of vehicles, and accurately tell you the position dynamics of all vehicles in the current direction of the line through a graphical interface.

3. The smart bus shelter is equipped with 4G video surveillance, and the background can monitor the passenger flow to the platform in real-time. According to the passenger flow, the bus can make reasonable adjustments to the line frequency in time.

smart bus shelter

4. Provide current weather conditions in real-time

5. The dynamic information of bus routes can be released at any time so that citizens can grasp the changes in routes in time during the travel process.

6. The smart bus waiting can also play related media, and can scroll to play public welfare videos, etc., to enhance the image of the city.

7. The smart bus waiting can also broadcast the information of the line vehicles that are about to enter the station by voice.

The smart bus shelter adopts an LCD screen, which can not only accurately display the bus forecast station, weather forecast, current affairs news, and other information in real-time, this function brings great convenience to the citizens. At the same time, advertisements are broadcast 24 hours a day, disseminating the latest news, and bringing good income to merchants. The electronic bus stop sign also has a terminal remote control function: you can adjust the video playback volume, and switch the machine remotely/timed. At the same time, it provides more convenience for citizens to travel and promotes the construction of urban informatization.