Points for attention in the construction of urban bus shelters
Release date : 10 Jan 2022

In recent years, cities have been vigorously developing public transportation facilities, and urban bus shelters have also become the focus of people's attention. Now the appearance of bus shelters has been greatly improved, so what do we need to consider when building bus shelters? The problem?

1.The problem of road planning

Many cities have adopted harbour-style bus shelters, which fundamentally alleviates the problem of traffic congestion caused by bus stops. It has been upgraded and transformed into a harbor style.

bus shelter

2.The problem of special populations

At present, most of the bus shelters are not equipped with disabled access when they are built, and the design of the bus shelters are all steps, which is very inconvenient for passengers with inconvenient legs and feet, so it must be comprehensively considered before design. All kinds of people.

Smart bus shelters have been promoted in Dali, but for some elderly and disadvantaged people, taking a bus is still a big problem, but many cities have begun to pay attention to and improve this problem, and gradually add more functions to Serving disadvantaged groups.

The planning and design of urban bus shelters need to be based on actual needs, local culture, geographical location, etc., and then from the perspective of the people, to better build the city. YEROO focuses on the design and production of bus shelters and can provide one-stop project services. If you have any project procurement needs, please contact us.