Bus shelter size standard
Release date : 04 Dec 2021

Bus shelters vary in size and size. This is not a standard. Its impact varies from person to person, such as differences in regional environments or social impacts, as well as people's preferences. However, the most important thing is to look at the construction concept of social infrastructure. Of course, the design concept of these bus shelters is to collect people's opinions in order to better serve people.

What is the general size of the bus shelter?

The size of ordinary urban and rural simple bus shelters: 5000-6500mm, depth: 1600mm, height: about 2800mm, urban fashion style bus shelters are bigger, length: 8000mm-1450mm, depth: 1600mm, height: 2800-3000mm.

smart bus shelter

What factors affect the size of the shelter?

1. Regional and environmental factors

Compared with other human factors, force majeure factors such as the environment dominate. Some big cities will have large bus shelters, which are even 15 meters long, which is not uncommon in big cities. In addition to large billboards, they will also be replaced regularly, because with the changes in social attention, people's aesthetic awareness is also changing, and it is very necessary to replace billboards regularly.

However, in some small cities, bus shelter billboards seem less important, and their functional effects are far greater than their advertising effects. This is just a place where people stop when they wait for the bus. The price of various types of shelters varies greatly with different sizes!

2. Human factors

Consumer needs are the most important. Some advertisers will not invest in luxury goods or expensive electronic products in some relatively backward and remote cities. Therefore, the size of shelters must not only be adapted to local conditions, but also vary from person to person. It is necessary to design the billboards in the waiting hall according to the specific preferences of local residents. Although it is of little significance, it is also a good choice for the construction of social spiritual civilization.

The factors affecting the size of the bus shelter are the above points.