How to maintain the large-screen outdoor advertising player?
Release date : 15 Apr 2021

We all know that the maintenance of large-screen outdoor advertising players is very troublesome, but as long as you carefully summarize the cleaning skills, the maintenance of outdoor advertising players will become very easy. The outdoor advertising players of general users are cleaning large The outdoor advertising player on the screen should be wiped with a cotton cloth dampened with clean water. Do not use any cleaning agents, otherwise the shell will lose the special luster of the factory. So, why do interference patterns appear on the screen when switching on the large screen?

In this case, the display card signal interference is a normal phenomenon, and this problem can be solved by adjusting the phase automatically or manually.

When cleaning the large screen, try not to use a damp cloth with too much moisture, so as to avoid water entering the screen and causing internal short-circuit failures of the outdoor advertising player. It is recommended to use soft objects such as glasses cloth and lens paper to wipe the outdoor large screen, so as to prevent moisture from entering the screen without scratching the screen.

Maintenance of large-screen outdoor advertising player:

1. Before cleaning the large-screen outdoor advertising player, first unplug the power cord to ensure that the advertising player is in a power-off state, and then gently dust off with a clean, soft, non-threaded cloth, and do not use spray directly on the screen Agent.

2. Do not expose the product to rain or sun, so as not to affect the normal use of the product.

3. Do not block the ventilation holes and sound holes on the large screen shell, and do not place the advertising player near a radiator, heat source or any other equipment that may affect normal ventilation.

4. Do not disassemble or repair the large-screen outdoor advertising player by yourself to avoid high-voltage electric shock or other hazards. If repairs are required, professional maintenance personnel should be used to complete all maintenance work.

5. It is recommended to use stable mains power, and never use the same power supply with high-power equipment such as elevators. In places where the voltage is often unstable, such as subway stations, etc., be sure to use the corresponding voltage regulator equipment to stabilize the voltage, otherwise it will easily cause the large-screen outdoor advertising player to work unstable or even burn the outdoor advertising player.

There are many places in the daily maintenance of outdoor advertising players that are worthy of our attention. Only by mastering the precautions of outdoor advertising players can we ensure normal daily maintenance!